Process management

Abalone Consulting supports you in analysing and improving your existing business processes and in defining new business processes.

Process documentation

In new projects or tasks process documentation, to check if a new process is compatible with a process chain already existing, is repeatedly forgotten.

Abalone Consulting assists you with your process documentation. The processes are reviewed (existing) or defined (new), documented and visualized.

Process improvement

Today business processes must be regularly checked for their efficiency and profitability. To avoid the „blindness“ people tend to develop after working in a company for a certain time Abalone Consulting offers you the impartial view from the outside. If process documentation does not exist we will document and visualize your processes. This documentation will then be the basis for possible improvements. If process documentation does exist possible improvements can be easily identified. The resulting positive effects (cost cutting, increase in efficiency) must be evaluated and the risks (operating expenses, motivation) must be considered.

Abalone Consulting offers you the necessary experience and the tools to qualify and document these effects for a management decision.

Abalone Consulting
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